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You Won't Believe How Well This Offer Converts.  My Last Webinar Converted At Almost 30%!!!
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Here Are Some Comments From Dustin Mathews From 7 Figure Speaking Empire

Here Are Some Comments From Past Students

"Coaching With Michael Is The Best Investment I've Made Online."

Hey Michael,

I can’t wait to see what you’re doing next…

For anyone that has doubts about this being over hyped…

Get Over It and get your foot in the door ASAP…

In 2010 I paid US$5000 for a few hours of personal coaching with Michael and it’s still the best investment I’ve made online to get my businesses up and running and profitable!

AJ (The Martial Arts Guy)

"I am earning thousands a month"

Dude, I love your stuff.

I am earning thousands a month because of what you have taught me. U know this, I hope these other guys watching this know that too.


Brian Parnall

"I was blown away by Michael X"

As the worlds fastest reader, I have read close to 30,000 books, and many of them are about online marketing.  I was blown away by Michael X’s Dark Side Secrets for internet marketing.  It was an hour of pure brilliance….Be prepared to be amazed!

Howard Stephen Berg
The Worlds Fastest Reader

Here Are Some Comments From Current Students

[Bobby] “You just totally blew my mind. The possibilities are endless, I sat up all night looking up every niche I could think of.”

[Angela] “I just had to tell you I was 150% amazed by the entire presentation. You truely are a wonderful speaker. Thank you for the eye opening information.”

[Carey] “The VERY BEST webinar I’ve attended…EVER. I learned so much about how I can use all of the skills I already have to make money in my local market.”

[Bruce] "I got your course and I already made money in less than 2 weeks. I have tried for years online and never got results. Just wanted to say thanks. I hope I can repay you someday."

"The Maps Magic Webinars are truly amazing! I knew NOTHING of putting together a website, NOTHING of SEO, or page rank, or anything.

Michael and iVan took me from the how to find keywords for my insurance business, how to find and create a successful domain name. The webinars also showed me how put together a clean, fast loading website. They also showed me how to monetize my website, and now I even have the knowledge to be able to explore other ways to make money on the web if I want to.

They go over so many other items that a novice like me really appreciated, like how to do videos, set up mail lists, how to secure my domain name cheaply, how to choose a host company, set it up and make it work, backlinks, page rank and more. They even give examples of the various choices of softwares and programs to use to set up all of the above.

The webinars include links, PDF’s with full instructions on all of the relevant segments, and excel spreadsheet checklists, to keep me on track for the projects. Plus, you can go back to their website and watch the webinars over and over and actually do the work they suggest as you watch them work their magic.

Plus, on their website, you can link up with other webinar students and join the community that they have created if you want. Overall, the total package has everything to have a successful top ranked website of your own, even if you started off knowing nothing, like I did. If you have some or a lot more knowledge, it apparently was helpful to those as well."

Roger Greer

"Hi Mike,
Just wanted to pass on my thoughts about one of the most awesome things about the course so far - Using the techniques presented in MapsMagic to analyze and pick domains, 24 hours after I purchased a brand new domain it was already ranking on page 2 of Google! 

Note: the 24 hours included almost 12 hours of "dead" time waiting for my purchase to be confirmed overnight and to repoint the DNS servers to my hosting account.  Even more amazing is that I did almost NO work on the new site.  I simply installed word press and used one of the base Word Press templates that you and Ivan provided through the course.  I changed one of the standard template's graphics and added a second; I also posted just a single article on the new site.  I didn't have time to register the account with any of the mapping services or business directories.  I didn't have time to optimize the google maps places page, create any citations, develop or post any videos, etc.  Bottom line, using less than 20% of the course I had a brand new domain ranking awesomly on page 2 in under 24 hours!  I have several other sites that have good ranking - but none after 24 hours!  The best I've achieved before using your techniques is more like 2 to 4 MONTHS.  I can't wait to see what employing all of MapsMagic will allow me to do with other sites."


"Hi, My name is John Tanner and I'm based in Coventry, England.
Like many people, I lost my job in the recession and have been playing around with Internet Marketing, buying courses hoping something would stick.

I'd already started to promote myself as a business offering online
marketing advice to local business in Coventry, when I signed up as a Maps Magic Insider.

This 12 week course has already been extended by Michael and Ivan who are both extremely approachable and helpful. The difference I noticed with this course is that it wasn't a support desk, but altually Ivan and Michael that replied to my questions. They not only replied, but they give really good advice that worked.

Listening to the training, there are some real gems of information that nobody had told me before. Specific tools, tips and techniques that really do get quick results. I'm using networking clubs to get work and using Maps Magic to achieve results. With results I'm getting repeat work, testimonials and referrals. This has enabled me to venture out into outsourcing some of the tasks, so I can take on more clients.

I'm not making lots of money yet, but Maps Magic has given me a platform to create a business and I really think I've made a couple of new online friends who I hope to joint venture with in the future.

If you are looking to get yourself back on your feet through some form of Internet Marketing, I can vouch for the content and training within Maps Magic. Follow the instructions, take action and making money online won't be an illusion, it will be a reality."

John Tanner
One Marketing Strategy

"I would not have believed it….  but this check is proof - MapsMagic really works!  I bought this course as "continuing education" for myself on Friday - just before Labor Day weekend.  I made the mistake of looking at the material - and found myself furiously taking notes as I watched video after video - I just couldn't stop! 
There is SO MUCH actionable content presented in an easy to digest format with step-by-step directions, that I found myself exhausted Monday evening - and Tuesday morning I started to implement only a handful of the techniques presented, and by Wednesday I was setting up appointments for Thursday. 
I "sold" two websites and 3 months of SEO services at my first appointment, to the tune of $3500!!!   I hesitate to say "sold", because it was the easiest sales call I've ever made!  Today, only 7 days after purchasing the course, I have a deposit check for $750.  So, was the course worth it?  Are you kidding? - it's already paid for itself, and I've got enough leftover to pay my phone bill and gas for the month using only the deposit check!  :)
A little background - I do web design and SEO for local businesses, so I know everything taught here is rock-solid.  The icing on the cake - these guys give away all the 'insider' tips & tricks.  I thought I knew a lot about SEO.  Turns out, my education has just begun!
One of the most valuable aspects of this training - in my opinion - is the Client Acquisition techniques.  Many real-world tactics are taught, and they even include recordings of actual sales calls.  This alone makes this course priceless for anyone wanting to break into a Local market.  The new client I got in my first week using these strategies was DESPERATE for my help!  Buddy - I'm here to tell you… the work (and profit) is out there - I just have to go get it!
I am very happy to give MapsMagic my highest endorsement, and thank you SO MUCH for letting me in!  This is going to totally change how I think of marketing and take my business to the next level!"
Ken Ivey, 'the Web Czar'
Ken Ivey Invoice
Ken Ivey Check

What It Is
Maps Magic Insider Get....

We will be doing live webinar traing covering everything you need to know to get your listings to the top of Google in no time.  This isn't your Dad's SEO.  With the changes that Google has been making to their algorithms you'll be left behind if you don't know Micro SEO. The course contains 24+ hours of training , 2 webinars per week, covering everything step by step.

With Maps Magic You'll Get...

The exact steps you need to follow to take your listings to the top and all of the supporting materials you need to make it a snap even for a noobie.
Details on how to monetize these techniques with your current business or how to start a whole new business as an affiliate or a local marketing service.
Training videos made specifically for outsourcers.  You can just give these videos to your employee or contractor and put them straight to work, freeing up your time to focus on more important things.
Multiple bonuses, such as recordings of sales calls selling this service to local businesses, WordPress themes for local niche businesses, plus tons more which will be added when we launch this product on Clickbank in a few months.
Access to this training material months before the general public.  This will give you a jump on all of the competition.
The final product which we'll be selling on clickbank for an estimated $997 and a private affiliate invite for the clickbank prelaunch of the final product.
If you want to be considered for a JV promotion click the link below to get started on filling out the application and we will contact you by phone shortly after we review your application.

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We have two main options for our JVs to promote. Our first option and best converting option is to do a live webinar. We have a limited number of dates still available so be sure to get one scheduled soon. You will get your own webinar registration link and intake form. The second option is to send your traffic to an automated webinar. In the JV center most of the creatives point to the automated webinar. You can use this option if you will not be doing a live webinar.

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JV Terms

We'll even make you a custom webinar registration page:
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If you want to be considered for a JV promotion click the link below to get started on filling out the application and we will contact you by phone shortly after we review your application.

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We look forward to doing some promotions together! See you soon.
Michael X
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