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Discover The Simple Secrets Of Dominating Your Local Market Using Micro SEO In Under An Hour Flat. You Just Won't Believe Your Eyes When We Snatch Any Keyword, in Any Market, And Cash In Twenty Four Hours A Day, Seven Days A Week With Our Local Marketing Voodoo!
Jeff Mills Michael X
We Reveal Our Magic Methods Of Collecting Leads, Creating Mini-Businesses In Mere Hours, And Funnelling Affiliate Sales Directly To Our Bank Accounts!

Peek Over Our Shoulder As We Show You How To Do It With Our Easy To Replicate Recipe From Start To Finish!!

Join Jeff Mills and Michael X for a webinar discussing how Local Search Marketing and Micro SEO are making it easier than ever to rank sites in record time!  You missed the live webinar but don't worry you can view the replay above.

Have you have been struggling to make a real bill paying income online?  

Are you tired of not being able to:

Deal with global SEO ranking nightmares
Get affiliate checks
Create flip worthy sites
Achieve a recurring bill paying income?

Michael and his friends have been using these strategies to rank their sites quickly and easily.  They get affiliate checks, sell or rent sites, help local businesses, setup lead pipelines that pay over and over, month after month in even the worst economy in 50 years...

In Fact...they are able to get sites ranking, receiving phone calls and getting traffic usually within 30 days or less....and now they want to SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT!

Join Michael as he discusses how you can dominate ANY niche, ANY keyword, ANYTIME. You can get more leads, sell affiliate products, sell your own product or business, or sell this service to other businesses. The screenshots, the leads, and the proof are ALL REVEALED HERE.  

We are also giving away some ultra HOT prizes worth thousands of dollars.  This is going to be an exciting event that is sure to get you excited about your business and what you CAN acheive through using our strategies and proven techniques.

Michael and his friend iVan have been refining this process for over 2 years, and have been getting fantastic results.  It is a process that can be replicated over and over, and is a solid plan, NOT some "loophole" or other garbage.  This is a real opportunity for you to learn the skills you need to compete.

You will learn the EXACT Strategies that Michael and iVan are using to destroy the local market one niche at a time!  These can be applied to nearly every business out there.

Join Us For The Webinar!!!
Get Our Complete Blueprint!!!

The webinar training will cover everything you need to know to get your listings to the top of Google in no time.  This isn't your Dad's SEO. With the changes that Google has been making to their algorithms you'll be left behind if you don't know Micro SEO.

Maps Magic Is Good For...

Starting Your Own SEO Agency
Business to Business Services
Site Rental/Site Flipping
Lead Brokering
Creating Micro Businesses
Affiliate Marketing/CPA

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Here Are Some Comments From Past Students

"Coaching With Michael Is The Best Investment I've Made Online."

Hey Michael,

I can’t wait to see what you’re doing next…

For anyone that has doubts about this being over hyped…

Get Over It and get your foot in the door ASAP…

In 2010 I paid US$5000 for a few hours of personal coaching with Michael and it’s still the best investment I’ve made online to get my businesses up and running and profitable!

AJ (The Martial Arts Guy)

"I am earning thousands a month"

Dude, I love your stuff.

I am earning thousands a month because of what you have taught me. U know this, I hope these other guys watching this know that too.


Brian Parnall

"I was blown away by Michael X"

As the worlds fastest reader, I have read close to 30,000 books, and many of them are about online marketing.  I was blown away by Michael X’s Dark Side Secrets for internet marketing.  It was an hour of pure brilliance….Be prepared to be amazed!

Howard Stephen Berg
The Worlds Fastest Reader

Here Are Some Comments From Current Students

[Bobby] “You just totally blew my mind. The possibilities are endless, I sat up all night looking up every niche I could think of.”

[Angela] “I just had to tell you I was 150% amazed by the entire presentation. You truely are a wonderful speaker. Thank you for the eye opening information.”

[Carey] “The VERY BEST webinar I’ve attended…EVER. I learned so much about how I can use all of the skills I already have to make money in my local market.”

[Bruce] "I got your course and I already made money in less than 2 weeks. I have tried for years online and never got results. Just wanted to say thanks. I hope I can repay you someday."


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